bloom | travel tin
bloom | travel tin

bloom | travel tin

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Our signature 4 oz travel candles are perfect for travel and on the go lifestyles. Their small size makes them easy to pack and carry along with you. Each tin has a burn time of up to 15 hours and a convenient screw top lid making it easy to close and pack for your next vacation.


      amazing blend of roasted pine, sandalwood and bamboo that will remind you of being in the beautiful outdoors

    • Top Notes: pine, ozone
    • Middle Notes: bamboo, sandalwood
    • Bottom Notes: amber, vanilla
  • Made with luxurious coconut soy wax
  • Exclusive one of a kind clean fragrance oil blend
  • 4 oz/15 hour burn time
  • Enhanced with a wooden wick

Candle Care Tips

  • place candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • keep away from children and pets
  • make sure to clip off the burnt tip of the wick every 4 hours of burning and before each burn. This will help to lower the flame height and prevent the candle from burning too hot!!!
  • trim wick to 1/4 inch before each burn.